Absorbine Hooflex Natural Liquid Conditioner

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Hooflex Liquid Conditioner is an easy-to-apply liquid that is the equivalent formula of Absorbine’s Hooflex Original Ointment. It has the identical nine active ingredients, but uses a breathable barrier to help maintain the appropriate moisture balance to keep hooves pliable.


  • Helps increase hoof strength and pliability to prevent cracks
  • Leaves a healthy shine and doubles as an excellent show dressing
  • Brush-in-cap applicator makes using fast, convenient and keeps hands clean
  • Contains more active ingredients than any other hoof conditioner or dressing 
  • Has antibacterial/antifungal action 
  • Easy to use year-round
  • Ideal for the busy equestrian
  • Formulated to maintain pliability of the entire hoof
  • Creates a "breathable barrier" that allows for the natural exchange of moisture in the hoof


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