Best Friend Equine Have A Heart Muzzle

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Recommended by equine health professionals, the Best Friend Have A Heart Grazing Muzzle Halter can help prevent and treat common diet-related issues such as laminitis, founder, obesity, and colic by reducing up to 80% of grass intake during grazing! 

A small opening at the bottom of the muzzle allows a limited amount of grass to be selected without restricting water intake. Rather than restricting your horse to a completely non-grass environment, try the grazing muzzle to keep your horse free to exercise and socialize as part of the herd.

  • All-In-One Design - No Halter Needed! 
  • Fully Adjustable Design
  • Lightweight & Well Ventilated
  • Rot-Resistant Synthetic Materials
  • Expandable Padded Noseband
  • Reinforced Natural Rubber Bottom
  • Innovative V-Strap Maintains Muzzle Position
  • Breakaway Crown Feature for Safety 
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