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Summer Skin Problems Got You Down?

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  • By Erinn Doctor
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Summer Skin Problems Got You Down?

Summertime can be a tricky season for you and your equine partner to navigate.  Whether the issue be bugs, humidity or the relentless heatwaves - your horse depends on you to provide comfort.

The easiest way to combat all three problems would have to be ample air flow and protect your horse from harmful UV rays.  If you keep your horse inside during the hottest parts of the day, a barn-safe fan can work wonders to keep flying pests away as well as circulate air to keep your horse cool on the hottest of days and a topical containing UV protection can help protect his sensitive undercoat from those harmful rays.

Some horses are affected by bugs more than others. Insect bites from gnats can cause horses to develop weepy, itchy bumps on their skin which can scab and lead to hair loss. We recommend protecting your horse through fly sprays or fly sheets - both of which we carry in the shop!

Humidity and damp environments can cause microorganisms to flourish and grow within your horses coat, leading to rain rot.  Rain rot can lead to serious hair loss and crusty scabs on your horse's coat that can cause them serious discomfort.  The best course of action to treat this summertime malady is to bathe with an antimicrobial shampoo and treat with a topical lotion - we recommend Equiderma Skin Lotion. 

With the right topicals and good grooming practices, summertime skin issues can easily be managed.  For recommendations or treatment advice, feel free to reach out to us here at Anytime Tack. We are more than happy to help in any way that we can!



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