Shires Carrot Treat Ball

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Keep your horse busy with the Shires Carrot Treat Ball! This unique toy features holes to fit carrot pieces, apple slices, and more, perfect for keeping your equine entertained. Anti-burst construction ensures durability while the innovative "hug & tug" feature allows pressure to change within the ball, making it more challenging and helping your horse learn to maneuver out the treats. With the ability to hang, this toy is great for use in a stall and it can also be placed on the ground for even more play opportunities. From the stall to the paddock, the Shires treat ball is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Key Features: 

  • Unique Horse Toy
  • Holds Carrots, Apple Slices, and More
  • Inflated Design Provides "Hug & Tug" 
  • Anti-Burst Construction
  • Perfect for Stall or Pasture
  • Pump Accessories Included - Bike Pump or Other Pump Recommended to Fill
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