Roma Stretch Eye Saver with Ears

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Keep your horse shaded from sunlight and free from the frustration of pesky pests with the full-coverage protection of the Roma Stretch Bug Eye Horse Fly Mask with Covered Ears. Made from a stretchy and lightweight material that offers a breathable and custom fit, this comfy fly mask will also keep your horse’s eyes and ears covered with durable but soft mesh, preventing him from being bothered by flies or other biting bugs. Your equine companion will be able to enjoy fly-free days both in his stall and out in the pasture, while also being able to clearly see where he’s going, and being shielded from up to 68% of harsh UV rays.

Key Benefits

  • “Bug eye” design and fine mesh keeps flies out of the eyes and also covers the ears for full protection.
  • Made with lightweight and breathable material for complete comfort and optimal protection from pests.
  • Secure and stretchy nylon material offers a custom fit and filters out up to 68% of harmful UV rays.
  • Durable mask can be put on or taken off quickly, while also being tough enough for use in turnout areas.
  • Available in multiple size options for the perfect fit for equine companions from 500 to 1,200 pounds.
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