Equus Magnificus German Beet Treats 1lb

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The German Beet Treats offer horses all the health benefits of beet pulp without the inconvenience and mess of soaking. These horse treats are shaped like little muffins that can be fed right out of the bag. Beet pulp is a “super fiber” for its high digestibility and ease of fermentation. It helps support the horse’s digestive system and is high in calories (same as oats or about 1/3 higher than grass hay). It’s also low in starch and sugar (about 12%). Acts as a supplement to a horse’s regular diet and may be especially appropriate in wintertime. Contains: min 8.89% crude protein, min 1.99% crude fat, max 10.5% crude fiber, max 11.7% moisture and max 7.42% ash. 1 pound.

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