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In 2023 after 30 plus years in the equine industry, Anytime Tack began production of our own brand of high performance equestrian apparel, accessories and leather paddock boots.  Thus, allowing us to pass along savings to you and your students, but keep the same high quality that our customers expect.  In fact, our employees, students and customers played a very valuable role in the creation of the brand through feedback and personal use.

Anytime Tack understands the needs of riding centers and students alike.  Since 1996, we have supported our local equestrian community with necessities to ensure students are prepared for success under saddle.  As a sister-company to a riding school, we understand the balance of business, student and staff priorities.  Thus, we are inviting riding centers, schools and summer camps to partner with us in 2024 to provide students and staff with high quality riding essentials at a discount.  Additionally, organizations who participate in our partner program will receive 10% of linked sales.  In our experience, utilizing bonus funds to enhance staff moral has been essential to our success as a riding center.


1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] letting us know your organization would like participate.  Please include the name of your company, contact person, dates of camp sessions, if applicable, and a JPEG logo image with permission for the express use of attaching it to your custom shopping page.

2.  In return, we will provide materials and a link to a personal landing page for your customers and community.

3.  Sit back, let your families shop and we will do the rest!

4.  Choose when you want us to distribute your bonus check!

Summer camp essentials encompass a variety of items tailored to ensure comfort, safety, and preparedness during outdoor activities. Clothing and accessories, such as gloves, tights, boots, and short sleeve tops, offer protection against varying weather conditions while allowing students to engage in diverse outdoor adventures comfortably.

Additionally, starter helmets provide crucial head protection for campers participating in activities like biking, skateboarding, or horseback riding. These essentials not only enhance the overall camp experience but also promote safety and confidence among campers as they explore and engage in recreational pursuits amidst the summer camp settings.

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